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NoMa Streetpole Banners

Neighborhood placemaking and beautification is one of the NoMa BID’s core services.

About the Banners

Every few years, the BID refreshes and installs new signage in the neighborhood to help with way-finding. In spring 2022, the BID unveiled a fresh new set of 200 street pole banners, fencing banners, and trash can stickers to help build neighborhood pride and to let pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers know they are in NoMa. The new signage further emphasizes NoMa’s arts identity by featuring several iconic works originally created by artists who participated in NoMa’s annual mural festival.


About the artist: Perfectionist, researcher-artist HOXXOH conceives and uses projection and dripping techniques to give life to fluid painterly shapes and patterns embedded in a philosophical approach. Through repetitions and analyses, the artist has managed to recreate the characteristic harmony of contingency, revealing the aesthetic qualities of controlled chaos. 
Douglas Hoekzema is a Miami-based artist whose ever-evolving painting style emphasizes mark-making, color, and mechanized paint application instruments. His use of hand-engineered mechanisms allows each new series to represent not only a new time in his life but also an entirely new technique of painting. 

As the wall where the mural originally existed has undergone redevelopment, the BID has brought the work back to life by reproducing the original art in our new street pole banners.

Learn more and follow @Hoxxoh on Instagram.

Red Swan Walls

About the artists: Red Swan is a women-owned, Baltimore-based mural studio, run by artists Hanna national Moran and Lindy Swan. For the past five years, Hanna and Lindy have been working together to design and paint bold, unique walls throughout the greater Baltimore and DC areas. 

The mural featured in the banner was completed in 2020 at 227 Harry Thomas Way NE.

Learn more and follow @RedSwanWalls on Instagram.

Rich T Paint

Rich T Paint

About the artist: Originally part of the British street art scene of the early noughts, Richt, aka Rich Thorne, has been straddling the illustration and painting worlds ever since. Establishing himself painting walls and exhibiting his work worldwide, he was featured in Tristan Manco’s influential Street Sketchbook, leading on to commercial work as an illustrator and art director for Aardman and the BBC. 

The mural at 15 K Street NE was completed in 2018. 

Follow @richtpaint on Instagram.

Taj Francis

About the artist: Jamaican visual artist, Taj Francis, has a diverse interest of expression, mainly focused through illustration. As a graduate of the Edna Manley College of Visual Arts, with a major in illustration, he has worked on many projects ranging from design work to creative direction, while also being in several art exhibitions both locally and internationally. Being a multifaceted artist, his work is produced in several forms, such as: paintings, digital art, murals and video art or animation. Through this, his pieces explore the subtle nuances of human behavior and identity, specifically relating to African ancestry. 

As the wall where the mural originally existed has undergone redevelopment, the BID has brought the work back to life by reproducing the original art in our new street pole banners.

Learn more and follow @tajfrancis on Instagram

Eckington Banners

Within the NoMa BID boundaries sits the historic Eckington neighborhood, which is directly north of NoMa. The NoMa BID worked closely with the Eckington Civic Association to create attractive street pole banners to be installed throughout neighborhood streets. The new Eckington banners feature historical photos of key places and architectural charicteristics of homes in the neighborhood.  These new banners will help with wayfinding and neighborhood placemaking.  

NoMa BID Call for Artists

We’re seeking talented local artists or design teams working in the Capital Region to partner with us on various public art projects to be installed in the coming year.

Most of the projects will involve outdoor installations and include, but are not limited to, murals, sculptures, digital/media/lighting installation art, community art, and architectural and design elements.

Established professional artists and teams and those new to the field of public art are encouraged to apply. To express your interest in working with us and applying your medium to sustainable, outdoor works, fill out our interest form.

Walk on the Wild Side Pride Market | Thursday, June 13th 4-8 p.m.