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DC Curbed: Do You Love or Hate This Union Market Project’s Redesign?

This Union Market project is massive, and because of that, it’s going to get a massive amount of feedback from the public on whether or not the project’s redesigns are good or garbage. The plans for the 11-story development are for it to be built on 1270 4th Street, NE with 40,000-square-feet of retail space and 370,000-square-feet of residential space. There will be a range of 420 to 520 residential units in the building. In our before-and-after image, you can see the original design that the developer pitched to the Zoning Commission. Unhappy with its overall look, the Zoning Commission asked the developer to make some revisions that would “reflect the industrial character of the neighborhood,” as reported by UrbanTurf. Now, in the redesign, you an see that the building has a blockier shape with larger, identically sized windows, and a lighter gray color.Cast your vote on whether you love it or hate it below.

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