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NoMa Parks are not out of the woods yet!

On Tuesday, May 15, 2012, the District Council voted to remove funding for NoMa parks from the FY13 budget. However, there is still a chance that funding could be found for a parks system in NoMa in the coming weeks. We applaud the Mayor and Council for recognizing that parks are essential to assuring that NoMa achieves its full potential as a great, lively neighborhood and an economic engine for the District.  While we’re disappointed that the project did not receive funding in the FY 2013 BSA, we’re pleased that NoMa parks are a priority for future spending.

Many thanks to those who wrote emails and made phone calls to your councilmembers! Please continue to contact your councilmembers to voice your support for this important initiative.

More information about the NoMa Public Realm Plan. More information about the budget vote (Washington Times). Background on the budget (Washington Post).

Please Support NoMa Parks TODAY:

Tomorrow, the DC Council will take action on the budget and will determine the possibilities for parks in NoMa. Some opportunities may be lost forever. We need your help!

For years NoMa has used vacant, privately-owned property to help create a sense of community through a farmers market, regular movie nights, and other events, but that cannot continue for much longer. Permanent spaces for recreation, events, playgrounds, dog parks and sports courts will help the neighborhood grow and assure a livable community.

Over the past year, the NoMa BID has worked with the neighborhood to develop a Parks & Public Realm Plan to help identify where and how parks can be added to our area. Available spaces are rapidly disappearing and becoming new buildings. We need to secure spaces for parks by demonstrating the District government’s commitment to this matter NOW.

Before TOMORROW’S VOTE on the budget, please let the DC Council know that you support legislation to start developing public park space in NoMa:
• E-mail Council Chairman Kwame Brown ([email protected]) and Parks Committee Chair and Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells ([email protected]) to help assure that NoMa does not miss out on the chance to have parks.
• Please let them know that you SUPPORT NOMA PARKS and that you THANK THEM FOR THEIR SUPPORT for NoMa parks.
• Please copy other councilmembers on the Parks Committee ([email protected], [email protected]; [email protected]) and NoMa parks advocates on the Council as well (Jack Evans [email protected] and Muriel Bowser [email protected]).

For more information and images of the public realm, please visit

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